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Knee Pain While Running

Many a runner gives up on running because of knee pain from running. However, the fact of the matter is that knee pain can easily be avoided if a person has the right kind of information on knee pain from running.

Running with knee pain can be very dangerous. Every day hundreds of people have to go through knee surgery and in many cases the surgery could have been prevented.

It is a common myth that for every step we take, we damage our knee. Studies have shown that knee injuries are quite in fact more common for runners, but the injuries can easily and quickly be corrected if they are handled properly. In this article there will be given tips on how to cure your knee pain, but if you find the knee pain severe, you must see a doctor!

Symptoms of knee pain from running

Many runners who suffer from knee pain will often feel the pain after they have just completed a long run. The pain will usually originate from just behind the knee cap and might feel like a numbing pain rather than a sharp pain. The pain will usually aggravate when a person has climbed a flight of stairs. Other symptoms of a runner’s knee are when a person feels stiffness or soreness in their knees when they have sat down for long period of time. Some runners also experience a slight clicking sound when they either extend or bend their knees.

Causes of knee pain from running

Knee pain for runners is usually caused by a condition that is medically known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. Among the running community, this condition is simply known as a “runner’s knee”. In a vast majority of cases, this knee pain from running is caused by quadriceps muscles that are quite weak, especially when compared to the strength of the hamstring muscles in the same person. Tight hamstrings can also be another cause of knee pain from running. Weak quadriceps and a tight hamstring can also cause the ankles to roll in when a jogger is running. Technically, the rolling in of ankles is known as the tendency to over pronate, that can in turn cause knee pain.

Treatment for knee pain from running

For reduction of knee pain from running, one can simply ice their knees after a run. However, running with pain is not recommended. One must take a few days off when they are suffering from knee pain from running. During those days off, one should try to stretch out their hamstring muscles and also strengthen their quadriceps muscles.

Quadriceps muscles can be easily strengthened with the help of targeted exercises such as lunges and leg raises.

To reduce knee pain from running, one must also make sure that they have the right kind of shoes that supports the arch type in their foot. To avoid knee pain from running, one must also ensure that they never run on worn out shoes. Ideally, shoes should be changed every 350 miles or so. One should also consider buying two pairs of running shoes that they can alternate every day as it will reduce the chances of knee injuries that can be caused by improper cushioning. If one cannot find a shoe that will match their arch, they can consider buying over the counter arch support products that might reduce their knee pain, especially if it is caused by over pronation.

If none of the above treatment methods work, one should seek professional help of a doctor who will be able to advise on custom fitted orthotic installments that will be able to eliminate or reduce knee pain.

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