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Category: Singapore Elbow Pain Specialist

Elbow Bursitis

Dr Kevin Yip

Brief Outline of Elbow Bursitis Elbow bursitis, also known as olecranon bursitis, is caused by inflammation of small, fluid-sacs known as bursae. The function of a bursa is to provide a gliding surface that lubricates and reduces friction between various tissues in the body. Bursae tend to be located adjacent to tendons of major joints, including the […]

Thrower’s Elbow

Dr Kevin Yip

Brief Outline of Thrower’s Elbow Athletes involved in throwing sports are vulnerable to this condition, which is a result of severe stress to elbow. The baseball pitch is a common source of thrower’s elbow, as well as tennis, volleyball, javelin throwing, and cricket. Compression of the outer structures of the elbow combined with tension to […]

Golfer’s Elbow

Dr Kevin Yip

Brief Outline of Golfer’s Elbow Golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is a form of tendinitis similar to tennis elbow. Golfing is one of many sources of the affliction, which can result from any activity leading to overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. While the painful sensation at the elbow is similar […]

Tennis Elbow

Dr Kevin Yip

Brief Outline of Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is the most common overuse injury in the adult elbow, and causes the outer part of the elbow to become painful and tender. The affliction is usually related to either overuse of the muscles attached to bone at the elbow, or, less frequently, direct […]

Triceps Brachii Tendon Rupture

Dr Kevin Yip

Brief Outline of Triceps Brachii Tendon Rupture The triceps brachii tendon is located at the back of the upper arm, inserting into the back of the elbow. A direct fall onto an outstretched hand can rupture this tendon (also known as tendon avulsion), through the injury is a fairly uncommon. Weightlifters and football linemen are among the […]

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