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Thumb Tendinitis (de Quervain’s Tenodsynovitis)

In this condition, the pain arises from the tendons that work the thumb. Tendons run inside a lubricated sheath but, when they become inflamed, movement causes the surfaces to grate against each other.

Thumb TendinitisThe base of the thumb and the lower end of the forearm become painful, and the area may be tender and even swollen. Parents who lift their young children by holding them under the armpits are particularly prone to this complaint; so are restaurant staff who carry heavy plated of foot in each hand with the weight balanced by the thumb.

Osteoarthritis of the joint at the base of the thumb, where it is attached to the wrist, can cause similar symptoms.

Treatment for Thumb Tendinitis

Thumb tendinitis usually responds very well to an anti-infammatory injection to the sheath of the tendon together with a splint to rest the thumb. It is also very important to identify the acitivity that caused the problem and avoid it.

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