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Wryneck (Acute Torticollis)

Brief Outline of Wryneck Wryneck orĀ acute torticollis is a painful neck injury that usually follows a sudden rotational movement of the head. Nerves in the neck are compressed, resulting in muscle spasms, accompanying pain, and loss of movement. Many sports can cause the injury, though it can often arise spontaneously in the morning when waking […]

Neck Strain, Fracture, Contusion

Brief Outline of Neck Injury Injuries to the neck can be serious, particularly in the case of broken or fractured vertebrae. Neck strains are less serious and far more common and involve injury to the muscles or tendons of the neck. Contusions are bruises to the skin and underlying tissue of the neck, usually the […]

Neck Pain

WHAT IS NECK PAIN? Pain located in the neck usually at the back or sides. HOW IS NECK PAIN DIAGNOSED? Neck pain is diagnosed by reviewing the history of the symptoms. In reviewing, the location, intensity, duration, and radiation of the pain will be noted. Any past injury to the neck is also taken into […]

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