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Cartilage Injuries of the Knee

There are different types of cartilage found in the body and each is adapted to its specific function. In the knee, two different types of cartilage function side-by-side. The knee is no different from most other joints in that it is lined by hyaline cartilage. This cartilage serves to provide a smooth gliding surface for […]

Meniscus Tear

Brief Outline of Meniscus Tear The menisci are discs of fibrocartilage that cushion the knee joint. Tearing of the menisci can occur with forceful twisting of the knee, or may accompany other injuries such as ligament sprains. The unhappy triad is when a blow to the lateral side of the knee causes tearing of the medial […]

Knee Pain Due to Meniscus Injury

March 3, 2010

WHAT IS KNEE PAIN DUE TO MENISCUS INJURY? The meniscus is a small “c” shaped cartilage that acts as a cushion in the knee joint. They sit between the femur and the tibia bone, one on the outside and one on the inside of the knee. A meniscus tear occurs when the cartilage tear and […]

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