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Tag: Finger Sprain

Finger Dislocation

October 5, 2013

Brief Outline of Finger Dislocation Finger dislocations¬†are more severe injuries than sprains and involve the displacement of the joint, altering the alignment of the finger. The joint must therefore be reset before the finger may be immobilised with casting, splint or taping. Splints allow the ligaments and joint capsule to properly heal. Such dislocations are […]

Finger Sprain

October 5, 2013

Brief Outline of Finger Sprain Finger sprains are injuries to a joint that cause a stretch or tear in a ligament. Ligaments are resilient bands of tissue connecting one bone to another. Such sprains are common in a wide variety of sports including football, cricket, and handball. Such sprains include metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal sprains, Boutonniere […]