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Muscle Strain of the Back

Brief Outline of Muscle Strain to the Back Back strain occurs from a stretching injury to the muscles or tendons of the back. It is a common sports injury that can result from lifting, sudden movement, or a fall, collision with another athlete, or any activity in which the muscles of the back are engaged. […]

Common Shoulder Disorders

March 10, 2010

•             Rotator Cuff Tear and Tendinitis •             Shoulder Dislocation •             Adhesive capsulitis/ Frozen Shoulder •             Bursitis Treatment •             Physiotherapy •             Shock wave therapy •             Anti-inflammatory Injection •             Arthroscopy •             Arthroscopic repair and acromioplasty WHAT IS A ROTATOR CUFF TEAR? The rotator cuff is the network of muscles and tendons that forms a covering around the […]