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Stress Fracture of the Vertebrae

Brief Outline of Stress Fracture to the Vertebrae Stress fractures of the vertebrae (spondylolysisI) are a common spine injury, caused by overuse or hyperextension of the spine. Gymnastics, weight lifting, and football are among the sports prone to this injury. Stress fractures most often occue in the fifth lumbar vertebra and act to weaken the […]

Bulging Disc

Brief Outline of Bulging Disc Discs are segment of connective tissue that separate the vertebrae of the spine, providing absorption from shock and allowing for the smooth flexing of the neck and back without the vertebral bones rubbing against each other. A bulging disc is one that has extended outward beyond its normal boundary, due […]

Slipped Disc (Herniated or Ruptured)

Brief Outline of Slipped Disc A slipped disc (also known as herniated, ruptured, or prolapsed disc) results when the shock-absorbing pads or intervertebral discs filling the spaces between the bones of the spine, split or rupture. The discs contain a jelly-like substance that seeps out into the surrounding tissue, causing pressure and pain to the spinal cord or […]

Ligament Sprain of the Back

Brief Outline of Ligament Sprain of the Back Sudden, irregular motion, repetitive stress or excessive load on the ligaments associated with the back can cause a sprain, or tearing of the ligaments. The resulting injury, which affects athletes in a broad variety of sports, produces pain and varying degrees of immobility. Anatomy and physiology Ligaments […]


March 15, 2010

Osteoporosis is a very common disorder affecting the skeleton. In a patient with osteoporosis, the bones begin losing their minerals and support beams, leaving the skeleton brittle and prone to fractures. About 80 percent of people with osteoporosis are women. This is in part because their bone mass is generally less than men, and women […]