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Learn More About Synvisc

Take Control of Your Knee Osteoarthritis

Synvisc is a way to treat your osteoarthritis knee pain by addressing the problem at its cause. It works safely and naturally, without the need for drugs or surgery, and has been proven to be highly effective in relieving pain and restoring mobility in most patients.

What is Synvisc?

Synvisc is primarily made up from a substance called Hylan G-F 20, which is basically hyaluronan chains linked together through a chemical process. Hyaluronans are compounds similar to the natural material-hyaluronic acid found in health synovial fluid. Hylan G-F 20 in Synvisc has a molecular weight (6 million Dalton) similar to that of natural, healthy synovial fluid. This is why Hylan G-F 20 in Synvisc has greater elasticity and viscosity properties, and is able to stay in your knee joint longer compared to low-molecular weight hyaluronon used in other visco-supplements.

How does Synvisc work?

Synvisc works mainly by supplementing your knee fluid to relieve the pain and improve the knee joint’s natural shock absorbing abilities.

When injected into the knee joint, the hyaluronan molecules in Synvisc form a protective layer around the diseased cartilage and protect it from further damage caused by friction. This helps to restore the elasticity and viscosity of the synovial fluid, which now is more able to carry out its job – to lubricate and to provide the cushioning your knee needs. As a result, joint pain is reduced and joint mobility is improved.

Pain Relief With Synvisc

The main benefit of Synvisc is that it can provide knee pain relief with one injection. This has been clinically proven in a medical study conducted in 253 patients with knee OA in six countries. The study results show that 71% of patients reported pain relief with Synvisc, and most of them noted the effect starting at week 4.

The study also tracked side effects that occurred among patients who received Synvisc. The most common side effects were knee pain, stiffness, swelling or fluid buildup in or around the knee. These were generally mild to moderate and did not last long. No serious side effects were seen in the injected knees during the study.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synvisc

Is Synvisc right for you? Only your doctor can tell you that. But below are some frequently asked questions on Synvisc to hep you learn a little bit more about the treatment before talking to your doctor.

When should I consider Synvisc?

If you have tried diet, exercise and over-the-counter pain medication, but still experience knee pain, you may be a candidate for Synvisc.

How is Synvisc given?

Synvisc is given as a single injection into the knee joint. It’s a simple procedure that can be performed in the doctor’s clinic, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

How will the doctor prepare my knee for treatment?

Your doctor will clean your knee with alcohol and iodine. He or she will then inject Synvisc into your knee joint. In some occasions, your doctor may apply a local anaesthetic to your knee and withdraw any damaged fluid from your joint to prepare your knee for the injection.

When will I start to feel pain relief?

The response to Synvisc injection may be different from one person to another. Some feel the effects sooner than others, but generally speaking, patients obtain full pain relief by six weeks after injection. Some studies have noted reduction in pain as soon as one week post injection.

 How long will the pain relief sustain?

It should be remembered that Synvisc, or in fact any viscosupplementation, is not a cure for knee osteoarthritis and cannot relieve the symptoms permanently. Generally, one injection of Synvisc can provide osteoarthritis pain relief, although the benefit gained varies from patient to patient.

Are there any side effects?

Synvisc does not have the serious side effects that are associated with most pain-relieving medications. Its side effects are mainly localised discomfort, such as knee pain, stiffness, swelling or fluid buildup in or around the knee. Other side effects, such as rash, may also occur. The side effects are generally mild to moderate and do not last long.

Should I reduce my activity after being treated with Synvisc?

After the injection, you can carry on with your normal day-to-day activities. However, you should avoid strenuous activities for at least 2 days.

Can I receive Synvisc more than once?

Yes, Synvisc can be repeated safely. Keep track of your symptoms, and if your knee pain returns, talk to your doctor about whether another Synvisc treatment is right for you.

Can both my knees be treated with Synvisc?

Yes, You can receive treatment in both knees at the same time, or at different times. Ask your doctor what is best for you.

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