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Hand / Finger Tendinitis


Brief Outline of Hand / Finger Tendinitis

Irritation and inflammation of tendons cause the condition of tendinitis, which may affect any of the tendons of the wrist or fingers. The affliction is common where overuse or overworking of the tendons is involved but can also be related to various underlying diseases, including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anatomy and physiology

Tendons are resilient cords of tissue connecting muscle to bone, and act to transmit forces between the muscle and the skeleton, which requires them to bear considerable mechanical loads. Overworking of the tendons can lead to inflammation the tendons and tendon sheaths associated with tendinitis, which is often accompanied by fibrinoid necrosis and myxomatus degeneration (a condition where mucus accumulates in connective tissue).

Finger Tendinitis

Cause of Hand / Finger Tendinitis

Intense or sustained exertion involving the tendons of the wrist or hand. Lack of adequate recovery time between athletic exertions. Cold temperatures or constant vibration in the hand.

Signs and Symptoms

Tenderness. Inflammation. Crackling or grating sensation under the skin (crepitus).

Complications if left unattended

Should athletic activity continue despite existing tendinitis, the affliction can become chronic, and permanent damage to the structure of the tendons may result.


Anti-inflammatory drugs. Injection.

Rehabilitation and prevention

Following rest and measures to reduce inflammation, strengthening and stretching exercises targeting the affected tendons can be undertaken, providing pain has subsided. Avoidance of repetitive stress to the tendons and ensuring proper recovery times following physical activities involving the wrist and hands can help prevent recurrence of the condition.

Long-term prognosis

Proper care of tendinitis usually results in reduction of inflammation, allevation of pain and full recovery of movement, though the condition can become chronic, particularly in elite athletes, whose schedule demands repeated overstress of tendons.

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