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  1. Mohamed says:

    Hai my name is Mohamed 54 years of age and had been a regular weekend warrior playing soccer with my buddies. The last time I had a game of soccer which is a month back I had a bad snaping experience of Archille Tendonitis problem on my left leg. Till to date I had seen a few doctors and prescribed creams and even jabs on the tendons itself. My left leg tendons are still swollen and I am experiencing pain when I put pressure on my left leg. I realise that I could not run and walk with a constant pain on my tendons. What would be your best recommendations as I would like to resume my soccer activities.Thank you.

  2. Carrie Ho says:

    Hi Dr Yip,

    In late January, my right knee started to swell in the night after my 4km run in the afternoon. The swelling remained for a couple of weeks but gradually subsided after that but the stiffness and clicking sound remained , After several sessions of physiotherapy and total lay-off from running for 6 months and when I felt my range of movement in the kneeincreased and stiffness in the knee much reduced, I started jogging very slowly again in July for only 10 minutes . The swelling returned . Now it has reached a stage that even walking can cause swelling

    Can such chronic swelling be due to cancer as my mother died of bone cancer.

  3. PILLAY Leela Devi says:

    Dear Dr Yip
    Both my knees hurt when I walk long distances and when I take the stairs. The pain has been going on for two years now. I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon and he just looked at me and said I needed surgery and knee replacement due to my age (I am 65) I would like your advice as I am scared I may not walk properly with the operation since I’ve been told there are risks of infection etc.
    Awaiting your reply and thank you Doctor

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Dr Yip,

    What effect will cause to bow legged person?
    Will my knee get weaker as i aged? What treatment would you recommend?
    Thank you.

  5. TY Chia says:

    Hi Dr Yip,
    I’m 35yo and have been experiencing sudden swelling of area around the ankle (outer part of right foot near heel) over the past few years, on average an attack every 2-4 months. Several GPs said it’s inflammation of tendon or ligament. All but one GP dismissed it as gout as it’s uncommon to have gout attack in that area. Running, walking/standing for long hours are usually the triggers for the attacks, though there were occasions when it got swollen without obvious reasons. The swelling and pain will usually go away after taking Arcoxia for a couple of days.

    I used to play a lot of football, and in the process twisted my ankles frequently, so I’m not sure that was the cause of the problem. I would love to be able to exercise and play sports again. Hope you can give me some advice on my condition and if there’s any solution to it. Thanks.

  6. Angelia Long says:

    Dr Yip,

    My father-in-law (72 yo) broke his arm in three parts during Feb this year. He underwent a surgery that inserted metal plates and screws to help his bones fuse. However, this has failed somewhat despite repeated post hospitalization visits and physiotherapy. A screw has even came loose, and the surgeon in charge just informed us yesterday that he now recommends graft from his pelvic bone.

    I would like to transfer him to a praivate specialist for this issue to be fixed once and for all. Can we come directly to you or do we have to go through a referral? Also, can you advise us on the approximate Room & Board charges, and Surgery Charges.

    Do you reckon he would need to undergo an opt to get this fixed?

    Your advise is highly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours,

  7. Terry Ann Manggunio says:

    Dr. Yip,
    I am 52yr old woman with a knee problem. Sometimes my knee makes creaking sounds, especially when I am in a cold place. Pain or stiffness sometimes radiates to hip area. Before consultation, what Xrays do I need to do?

  8. Sushil Verma says:

    Hi Dr Yip,

    My work requires me to be in front of a computer for up to 8 hours a day. Recently, I felt a very deep pain and tightness in my left trapezius. In addition, there is a feeling of tightness in my neck whenever I tilt it to the left or turn my head to the right.

    Thanks for your reply.

  9. Justin says:

    Hi Dr Yip,

    My work requires me to be in front of a computer for up to 10 hours a day. Recently, I felt a very deep pain and tightness in my right trapezius. In addition, there is a feeling of tightness in my neck whenever I tilt it to the left or turn my head to the right.

    Thanks for your reply.

  10. Rozita says:

    Dr Yip,
    I have a very bad pain at the back of my lower head (right side only) and it also affects my neck and shoulder. The pain is like my veins are very tight & pulling. I will have it especially, when I have emotional changes & it will take quite a while for the pain to go away. I am still having it right now and it has been almost a month that the pain did not go away. I will have to take panadol, then I will feel better for a while. Unfortunately, the pain will be back again.

    At the same time I also went for chiropractic adjustment, twice in a week. When I started in August 2012, all pain disappeared. Unfortunately now it seems like the pain is coming back. When I explained to the chiropractic doctor, they say it’s normal especially when someone suffers the pain for more than 10 years.

    I am seriously in pain and I don’t want to depend on pain killers. I really need your advice.

  11. Tan SK says:

    Hi, due to the fell from stairs, my right foot fracture and in Jan, they discovered that I have a ligament tear. I have diagnose with DVT, may I know can it get repair and grantee fully recovered after the operation? Appreciate your prompt response. Thanks.

  12. Zhuldyz says:

    Dear doctors,

    Good day. My 2,6 years old son has funnel chest (but it is invisible). When he was 1.8 years, we had surgery of adenoids & tonzillits. Before surgery he couldn’t sleep normal, he was strongly snoring. So after 1 month of disease, i found his chest deformated. Actually, his healthy baby. We just need to correct his chest, that is all.

    I’ll be grateful for your answer.
    Mother Zhuldyz.

  13. Lee Hung Shen says:

    Dr Yip,
    Last mth, my mother have sudden knee problem and she is 65 yrs old.
    Pls advice should we ask her to go for operation? what is TKR operation?
    How much do we need to pay? Thank you.

  14. charlie chiang says:

    Dr Yip,
    I am a runner for 20yrs and do road bike cycling abt 2yrs ago, I hv develop persistent knee pain for a yr ago. Hv gone thru 1 yr of physiotherapy with Changi Sport clinic and the pain still remain. I am considering my option, Osteopathic Physiotherapy or “keyhole” surgery to repair the knee. But my friend has recommended that I shld talk to you abt your approach. What is your recommendation?

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